Results and findings of a dissertation can both be exciting and terrifying to write. The results and findings can either be addressed separately or written combined in the form of a single chapter. Most of the times, it would depend on the guidelines provided by your institutes and other times it is left for the choice of students. Either way, while writing results and findings of the research it should be strictly kept in mind that the results and findings should not involve any kind of explanation of the results from the research. The explanation and evaluation part of the dissertation writing, is solely ascribed for the discussion part of the dissertation. The compilation of result can be an exhausting task because it does not have ay space of a single mistake. In the case of quantitative method of research, the results are mainly retrieved through SPSS, the results of SPSS for each hypothesis has to be compiled and addressed within the result and finding chapter of your dissertation writing. Due to the required accuracy of the chapter, the results and findings chapter can be the most strenuous chapter of your whole dissertation and if there is one error or mistake in the calculations or compilations, the whole chapter becomes false and your effort goes in vain and you may be left with a faulty dissertation in the end.

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