Literature reviews are the most intimidating part of your dissertation writing task. Literature Review provides that previously investigated and researched material on the same context as your dissertation topic. This part builds up an argument related to previous researchers and creates the understanding of the importance of your research in the same context. This argument is based on the survey of the previous research journals, books, articles and other sources available on your topic.

Dissertation Literature Review must be coherent, genuine and strongly argumentative to validate your purpose of research. As a dissertation writer, in a literature review you are expected to:

  • Incorporate your work in the context of previously research literature
  • Recognize and evaluate possible issues related to your topic
  • Interlink each discussed literature with other to form a chain of reaction to each research
  • Establish a new way to consider, understand and interpret the gaps in the previous research literature
  • Determine and describe the literature that supports your topic and the way in which it contributes to your research
  • Resolve the conflicts of previous research material by comprehensively understanding it
  • Identify and describe your way and approach to research in the same context.

Moreover, the content of a dissertation literature review must exhibit Credibility of the literature, value of the discussed study and its author/researcher, qualification of the author on the basis on which the literature was carried out and finally, a good literature review of a dissertation must show the neutrality of the author or researcher. Similarly, while writing your own dissertation the neutrality must be kept in mind and practiced religiously throughout the evaluation and analysis of previous literature in your dissertation.

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