Every piece of writing requires a conclusion. This conclusion must involve all the important elements of the writing including the reasons of writing it and the end results achieved and how they are achieved. Similarly, Dissertation writing also requires a conclusion. To conclude a dissertation, it is necessary to involve all the necessary and appropriate information in an appropriate manner. This appropriate information involves and concise and to-the-point discussion of:

  • The aims and objectives of the research
  • The research questions; what the research wanted to achieve or prove
  • The possible hypothesis of the research
  • Methods chosen for the research
  • Number of participants or respondents on which the research was based
  • Brief description and analysis of the results of research
  • A valuable and supporting discussion of the results
  • Limitations and drawback of the research
  • Final verdict

Furthermore, writing a conclusion for dissertation can be a very confusing work of writing as it involves so much information but at the same time it has to be the shortest chapter of the whole dissertation. Hence, concluding your dissertation can be the trickiest part for most students as only a professional writer can incorporate the information of an entire dissertation and compress it into a single chapter along with an attractive flow of words and an appropriate structure without disrupting the accuracy of the information. However, a dissertation conclusion does not only point out the key fact of the study but also should involve the limitations and drawbacks of the method chosen for research along with the recommendations for the betterment of the actual research topic and solving the problems pointed out in the dissertation. All of these factors make the conclusion chapter quite different, and exclusive.

Conclusion defines your whole dissertation, if you fail to properly conclude your dissertation, you will fail to present a logical end to your dissertation. Therefore, conclusions are there to provide your audience with a strong sense of purpose regarding your dissertation and a good conclusion help you leave a lasting impression on the audience.

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