Ways to Write a Good Dissertation Abstract

Usually abstract of the dissertation is written with a purpose to provide a brief summary to the audience about the overall presented material in a dissertation. It is a kind of the overview of the carried out research shaping up your dissertation which has the conclusion part included. By going through an effectively prepared abstract writing reader can grasp the general ideas about the presented context and can also develop their own perception about it.

The actual order of the abstract in dissertation writing is in the beginning because of which it is counted in one of the most important parts of such kind of scholastic work. Following are the elements that always remain a part of diligently prepared abstract.


The first and most important thing is to tell the readers about the problems and the reasons they should be paying attention to the solutions proposed against those problems. This is commonly known as the motivational factor and it has to be reflected in your writing. It is the feature that uplifts morality of this particular section.

Familiarize the Problem

Now you have to tell the audience through the statement you would be penning down about the problems that you are trying to solve and their intensity. While revealing the core issues on which your dissertation is based never make too much use of jargons as it would easily put the reader off track. One thing to remember at all cost is that only if you would be able to convince the reader towards your argument then they would be interested in knowing more about the problems so your abstract has to be motivationally strong.

Consistency in Approach

Write in a way that would feel as if you are devotedly emphasizing on the issues that have formed the basis of your research study. Let the readers know through the approach about the extent of the work carried out by you while working on your dissertation. The approach that is driven by consistency is what builds up an interest of the reviewer.

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