17 Common Issues That Compel Students to Seek Online Dissertation Writing Help

Since we have been in the business of custom dissertation writing for a long time, we are well aware of the issues that students face while conducting research and writing. The students to whom we have provided dissertation writing service so far expressed a variety of issues, which are as follows:

  1. Problems figuring out the process for accomplishing their goal in a reasonable time frame.
  2. Lack of information about software programs to help with data analysis for qualitative and quantitative data.
  3. Lack of proper information and understanding to structure and format the dissertation papers appropriately.
  4. Lack of complete information about expectations for accomplishment of the dissertation research methods.
  5. Differences in processing and working style conflicting with dissertation committee members’ suggestions and comments.
  6. Dealing with feedback from committee while on final draft of dissertation in preparation for professional proof-reader and publishing of document.
  7. Serious problems with committee: changes in members (informing candidate after the changes had occurred), politics in committee, some members of committee trying to usurp the process and entire study late in the process.
  8. Formulation of research question in such a way as to get at the study in the desired/intended way, yet worded, so that it wouldn’t feel threatening to proposed participants in the study
  9. Figuring out ways to streamline the study process.
  10. Mental blocks around what was perceived to be “academic” or “scholarly” writing.
  11. Difficulty seeing and owning self as being that doctor or master of a subject.
  12. Conceptual and expressive strengths in forms of communication other than writing (e.g., speaking, visual arts, music), needing to learn to adapt those skills to writing.
  13. Recommendations on choices for committee members, to help the committee be the best for the student.
  14. Being the sounding board when someone needed to talk through ideas to help themselves gain clarity and figure out the next step(s).
  15. Assistance with creation and development of dissertation, from concept paper to completed document.
  16. Assistance with development and polishing of dissertation, after acceptance of proposal.
  17. Assistance with organisation and presentation of papers that were part of comprehensive exams.

If you are facing any of the above problems or others, our writers our ready to give you professional dissertation help uk at ridiculously low prices.

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