Traits, Tips & List of the Best PhD Dissertation Writing Topics

To pick an appropriate Ph.D. dissertation topic is a perplexing task for most of the Ph.D. students. There are certain factors one needs to consider when choosing a Ph.D. dissertation topic. The characteristics and qualities of a good Ph.D. dissertation topic are as follows:

  • It has to be something that you are greatly interested in.
  • It should be an original idea or a new addition to the existing body of knowledge.
  • The topic should significantly be relevant to your field of study.
  • It should be workable within the allotted time and available resources.
  • It should be specific to only one idea or research question and be broad enough to survey past researches or background information.

A good Ph.D. dissertation topic should incorporate all of the above-mentioned elements; otherwise, the probability of having to do the entire research all over again is quite high. It is the most fundamental step that needs to be taken care with caution and pragmatic choices. Choosing the right topic is a crucial factor in every Ph.D. dissertation, and the experts at our Ph.D. dissertation writing service are here to help you pick the right one by sharing the practical tips to choose the best one.

Tips to Choose the Best Dissertation Topic

Here are academic research writing and consultancy experts have listed down some steps on how you can choose the best topic.

Start as early as possible

A dissertation spans for years, so an early start will allow you to ensure that you will meet all the deadlines and stay at par with your goals.

Generate as many ideas as possible

The common error of students looking for dissertation writing topics is to start with only one idea and try to build the entire research on it without exploring any other options. We recommend listing all the ideas that you have and the ones suggested by your dissertation adviser. This will allow you to produce as many options as possible. The topics listed down should be of great interest to ensure you are highly motivated all throughout the dissertation paper writing project.

Narrow down your ideas

Once you have got the complete list of dissertation ideas, it is now time to limit what you have. This can be achieved by comparing and contrasting these ideas. Make a table and write about the weaknesses and strengths of every idea.

Pick your top three choices

Since you have already listed down the advantages and disadvantages of every idea, picking your top three choices will be a lot easier.

Preliminary Research

Gather facts and background information on each of your top three choices. This will enable you to determine whether the idea is feasible to work on. If you are having a hard time looking for research material, move on to your next choice. You can always go back to your list for more ideas.

Once you have completed all the steps, you are now ready to choose your best one.

To help make the process of choosing the best topic, the experts at our Ph.D. dissertation writing service have also shared a few topics on different subjects.


Below is a list of popular topics in economics:

  • Role of Social Networks in Economics
  • The Effectiveness of a Country’s Monetary Policies within the Last 10 years
  • The Role of Technology in a Country’s Economic Development
  • Self-employment and Economics
  • Unemployment Rates and Labor Laws
  • Local Culture and Tradition and its Effect on Regional Economic Development


There are some of the popular topics in history:

  • Outside Factors that Caused the Great Depression
  • Hitler and the Growth of Nazism in Germany
  • Abolition of Slavery
  • Communism and Socialism: Looking at Russia and China’s Past


A good list of dissertation topics in literature is as follows:

    • Imagery and Grandeur: The Historic Rise of J.K. Rowling
    • Fairytale and Hans Christian Anderson
    • The significance of Animal Characters on Children’s Literature
  • Sigmund Freud’s Major Influence on Literature

Political Science

Few of the popular topics in politics are:

  • Africa and the Western World
  • China as a Threat to Western Countries
  • The Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • The effectiveness of Diplomatic Protests in Resolving Territorial Issues between Countries

Determining the topic to work on is the first step in ensuring that your dissertation project will be rewarded with high standards.

We hope you can now pick a good Ph.D. topic by following the tips and tricks mentioned above. If you still need professional assistance, you can hire our Ph.D. dissertation writing services uk at very budget-friendly prices.

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The Core Structure of a Dissertation Project

Regardless of the topic of your dissertation research paper, certain elements should be present in the core structure of this project. In this guide for UK dissertation writing help, we will let you know the components you must ensure that you have included in your dissertation paper:

Title page

The title of the dissertation usually appears at the top of the page and the author’s name appears in the center. The date, word count and university name may also appear on this page.


Dissertation abstract provides a short summary of the dissertation’s main ideas. An effective abstract is concise, but it gives readers the basic idea of the dissertation’s content. Keep the abstract limited to one or two pages at max.


The acknowledgment page offers you an opportunity to thank the individuals who contributed to your research work. For example, if a group or individual sponsored your dissertation research work, you can use this page to express your gratitude.

Table of Contents

The table of contents is a list of various sections or chapters of your dissertation paper. This list includes page numbers so that the so readers can easily navigate to specific parts of the paper.


The dissertation introduction should grab the reader’s attention while providing basic information on the topic. Use this section to state the research problem, cover the importance of finding a solution and introduce your hypothesis.

Main body

The body of the dissertation will form a discussion of the subject matter through evidence-based statements. These statements and ideas should neatly support and connect with the thesis statement of the dissertation.

Findings & Conclusion

This section will discuss the results of your research work. This section may also review the research question and main ideas while accessing the significance of the project and inviting further research work.


The bibliography should contain a list of sources you consulted while working on your dissertation project. These sources may include items such as journals, videos or even online sources.


The appendix will include extra materials that support your dissertation project. For example, graphs, tables, interviews or experiment results can be placed in the appendix to avoid cluttering the actual body of the paper. While these elements from the usual core structure of a dissertation, additional elements, such as a literature review or an annotated bibliography, may also be required.

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