Development of legal scientific research in law school

The School law University is the center of excellence dedicated to teaching, research and extension in the Legal area, which also offers solid legal education based on values ​​and humanistic principles. The right course is offered, with the same academic profile quality on all campuses of the school. A graduate of the Law School, aims, to contribute to the development of the legal scientific research, which creates a proper environment for research, analysis and proposes viable solutions aimed at solving problems. This also strengthens the investigative activity in school; prepare young teachers for the full exercise of the university teaching, who are able to fully develop scientific research in the country, especially in the Ph.D. program, prepare educators and policymakers.

Academic improvements

The Law School has the Legal Practice Centers, structured to meet the needy and monitoring processes by scholars of fourth and fifth years, assisted by professionals. Nuclei are various agreements for training purposes and improvement of academic that allow direct contact with the practices related to their training. The school has strong incentives for research collaboration between students and teachers with research fellowships offering as well as broad access of undergraduate students to research groups which encourage the publication and dissemination of works. The General Coordinator of the Law School, in the exercise of its powers and after deliberation and approval of the Course Board resolved to establish this Law Course of the monitoring regulation.

The school law allows the student to assist the academic course subjects, in the study and in investigative practices, making them the preparatory work and research literature, solving exercises. It also allows the student to meet the accurate frequency, and guiding teacher discretion, the activities designed to exercise the function which can help them get in school law. The law of education is to characterize the set of standards laws, resolutions, ordinances, decrees and acts giving forms and regulates the educational hierarchical structure, eventually to rank, there is, therefore, laws that are above others. Imagine yourself on a ladder where each rung is a level of power, more powerful one that is in the higher grades. Also, the Law of Guidelines and Bases allows the private sector acting in elementary school, which prevents the existence of state or local laws prohibiting the installation in its territory of private schools.

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